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Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

There is almost no system where artificial intelligence is not used in today's world. As SAVORAS, artificial intelligence projects are carried out on the following areas.

1) Artificial Intelligence Microprocessor design:
    a) Microprocessor chip design
    b) Computer systems design
    c) Interconnects / computer networks
    d) Storage systems

2) Artificial intelligence algorithms and frameworks:
    a) Customization of AI Algorithms
    b) Design & Development of AI Frameworks

3) Artificial intelligence Application:
    a) Cognitive Electronic Warfare
    b) Computer Vision
    c) Decision support and battlefield management systems
    d) Predictive maintenance
    e) Natural language processing (NLP)
    f) Robotics and swarming
    g) Aircraft and weapon autonomy algorithms
    h) War gaming and simulation
    i) Machine learning with less data
    j) Explainable AI (XAI)