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Textile and Specialty Fabric Production

Textile and Specialty Fabric Production

R&D activities for the development and production of special fabrics are carried out with the relevant departments of universities. Smart fabric features are as follows:

  • High temperature at very low volts (24V / 961 C)
  • It can be adapted to any sector as it has a flexible and fireproof structure.
  • Ability to absorb all kinds of signals
  • Able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 C
  • Radioactive material impermeability

Featured fabric projects managed and supported by SAVORAS include:

  • GSM base stations signal isolation
  • Radioactive-proof fabric material
  • Ghost technology (making aircraft and armored vehicles invisible and the ability to not be caught by the radar by composite material)
  • Ensuring high temperature resistance of fuel tanks in the automotive sector and providing high resistance in cold weather conditions.
  • Military, police, and security personnel uniform (Shock gun resistant, fireproof, radioactive and explosion resistant)
  • Rescue vests (inflates upon contact with water and GPS module is activated)
  • X-ray rooms and shelter isolation
  • Deaf room applications (in the design of cosmic rooms and confidential meeting rooms)
  • X-ray gowns
  • Medical fabric
  • Heating systems insulation
  • Contactless credit card withdrawal protection (Preventing contactless withdrawals from our credit card without our knowledge while our wallet is on our clothes & pockets)