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Drone - UAV / AUAV Design and Production

Drone - UAV / AUAV Design and Production

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; are aircrafts that do not have a pilot or passenger, carry only purpose-built equipment (camera, sensors, etc.), have remote control and/or automatic control and fulfill their duties. UAVs are made for military, civil or scientific use and are a developing technology all over the world. The reason for the increasing and widespread use is that it provides high accuracy and convenience in many areas and provides spare time as well as low cost during use.

The reason why it has become widespread in the defense industry sector can be said to be able to perform various tasks such as minimizing the loss of soldiers, remote control of the missions, the need for false targets for new equipment, detecting mines & explosives, and destroying enemy in a safer way.

UAVs and AUAVs produced in Turkey attract the attention of the world as the Turkish UAVs and AUAVs proved their war capability in Nagorno-Karabakh. Azerbaijan has gained superiority in the field with the UAVs and AUAVs imported from Turkey. It is stated by many defense industry analysts that Turkey is among the world's leading countries in the field of military UAV and AUAVs. The Turkish UAV sector does not want to be dependent on the USA and Israel and has grown a lot with the start of manufacturing UAVs and AUAVs using advanced technologies.

In this context, SAVORAS carries out R&D of design and production of Drone - UAV / AUAVs, supports innovation projects and contributes to the formation of the trained manpower needed by the industry.